Starting on Friday the 2nd of April FXcast starts the EASTER Bonus game. Each registered customer will find golden eggs on our website – when he logs in. Click on it and you will catch it.

The first 10 customers which have found 10 eggs on our website will get real 1,000 (Thousand) USD on their trading account, and after 1 month earliest and 500 traded lots he will be able to withdraw this money!

After the 10th click no more eggs will be visible for him.

The game starts Friday morning at 9am GMT and ends Monday evening 9pm GMT. And don’t think it will be easy to find them all.

Once again:
Register on our website or Login when you are already registered
Search through the pages to find the golden egg
Click on each egg you find to collect 10 of them
After the 10th egg you have found no more eggs will appear.
You will be informed after Easter weekend if you could be one of the 10 winners

So catch the golden eggs and watch your email!